(Be)e your friend



This spring Wooden Story wants to take care of the bees. Feed them and present them with meadows, gardens, and allotments full of flowers. Join the land flowing with honey and our "(Be)e your friend" initiative.

Did you know that during one of its nectar runs a bee visits between fifty and one hundred flowers? It also has a "time clock" which tells it at what time of the day a given plant produces honey. For 150 million years, these little buzzing creatures have been producing honey in the same way. Their golden product consists of 80% natural sugars, 18% water, 2% minerals, vitamins, proteins, and pollen. They are the best crop pollinators. They also play a significant role in forestry, where they increase the yield of forest fruit (wild strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries).
It is hard to imagine our nature without bees, which is why global organizations support the protection and development of populations of bee gardeners. And while Wooden Story is a small, family-owned manufacture, it wants to join in the efforts at supporting bees. After all, using natural wax to preserve her toys, it has for years benefited from the effects of their hard work.
And that is how the idea for "(Be)e your friend" came about. As of the beginning of March, you will find seeds of lavender, cornflower, nigella, and columbine with every toy box. Bees like their flowers the most. All you have to do is plant the seeds in your garden, pot, or box on the balcony, on the allotment, or simply in the meadow. Let's create “bee-feeders" together.

Welcome to our world. Help the bees! (Be)e your friend!

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